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  • 09 Jun 2020 6:16 PM | Mills Jones (Administrator)

              Notice of Race

    The Greater Richmond Sailing Association will hold 3 days of Racing on Sunday June 14th, June 28th and July 5th. Each race will be a separate event and will require a completed separate registration and fee payment for each day. These races are a closed events and registration and participation is open to members in good standing of the Greater Richmond sailing association. Crews may be guests, but boats must display current GRSA boat sticker and skipper must meet the criteria of the above.

    While sailing involves certain risks, racers who enter these races understand, and acknowledge these risks and accept the possibility of harm and or damage. These risks, as sailors we try to mitigate thru training, carrying safety equipment, and following the Racing Rules as stated by RRS and GRSA. The decision to sail or not rests with the skipper and crew of each boat.

    Sailing, in the midst of a pandemic, adds another layer of risk. These too must be individually weighed as to the dangers and possibility for infection, transmission of the illness to ourselves as well as to our fellow competitors. While certain steps have been taken to mitigate the possibility of transmission of the virus, by registering we acknowledge these risks.  In holding these events all participants are asked to follow to the best of their abilities the guidelines as set forth by CDC and other health officials.  Keeping appropriate distancing while on shore, use of masks in closer settings, frequent hand washing are just some of the recommendations.  We ask that if you have a fever or any other symptoms such as loss of taste, smell, or have been in contact with a person who may have tested positive; that you be mindful of your fellow club members and not participate.

    As part of the registration, you will need to attest to the wellness of yourself and crew.

    Registration 10 AM;  Fee:  $10

    Skipper’s meeting at 11am

    First gun approximately 12 Noon. 

    Registration forms will need to be filled out and a $10 dollar entry fee paid. Checks are ok, but if paying in cash, exact change is required. 

    Registration will be held outside the pavilion as will be the skippers meeting.  Following the race, results will be posted on the bulletin board, there will be no official gathering for results. 

    3 races each day are planned, a single race will constitute a series.  Fleets of 3 or more class boats will be given a start.  If deemed appropriate a handicap fleet may be formed. 

    Low point scoring, no throw outs.  

  • 24 May 2020 8:37 AM | Mills Jones (Administrator)

    18th Blessing of the GRSA Fleet

     2020 -- 45th Anniversary


    Opening Prayer:

    O God, whose mighty hand rules both wind and wave, we thank you for your goodness and watchful providence.  As we live by your grace, may our actions on both land and water always be favorable in your sight.  Amen.

    Seas Calmed:

    In both Psalm 107 and several of the Gospels, we find stories of storm tossed waters being calmed.  Just as God, by whatever name, guided those in peril to safety, the Lord watches over us during this time of worldwide pandemic and social isolation.  Thanks be to God.

    Memorial Day Tribute and Remembrance:

    Pause now in a moment of silence for all those in each military branch who have died while in service to our country.  Also remember each of the 25 club members who have died over the years.  [silent pause]  We celebrate their lives as we remember.

    Blessing of Boats and Sailors:

    Eternal God of heaven, earth, and sea take into your protection all those who use our facility and sail upon the lake.  Preserve them both body and soul; benefit their efforts with enjoyment and accomplishment; protect them from any dangers of the waters and bring them safely back to shore.  Bless now the many boats of GRSA, their skippers, crew, and families.  May camaraderie and good sportsmanship be a mark of all those who sail for pleasure and possible competition.  May we be blessed with another gratifying, though modified, season of sailing, learning, and fellowship.  Amen.

              Closing Prayer:

    The Lord bless us, and keep us safe and well in the months ahead.  Amen.

  • 20 May 2020 9:09 PM | Mills Jones (Administrator)

    Welcome to GRSA the Class of 2020:

    Tom  Walsh

    Mark Planting

    Deirdre Turner

    Ronald White

    Joseph Haddad

    Kira & Drew Routh

    John Hossack

    David Font

    Bob Stringer

    Drew & Andrea Gould

    Laura Chessin

    Earl Holloway

  • 21 Apr 2020 11:25 AM | Mills Jones (Administrator)

    The 2020 “Class” of Grass Carp Has Been Released

    On April 14, 600 sterile triploid grass carp were released into the Swift Creek Reservoir to help control the growth of the non-native hydrilla plant.  These carp represent the “Class of 2020” and they supplement the previous classes of carp added at various times since 2010.

    The quantity of 600 carp was determined after studying the results of computer modeling runs using our best estimates of the amount of hydrilla consumed by carp of different sizes, carp predation/mortality, etc.  The model indicated that adding more than 600 carp could “collapse” the level of vegetation in the reservoir, an undesirable result.  Adding fewer than 600 carp could lead to higher levels of hydrilla than in recent years, also undesirable.  This is consistent with the current approach of adding a relatively constant number of carp each year to achieve a balance between overgrowth and collapse of vegetation.

    This year, rather than the normal, very “public” release of the carp along Genito Rd., the carp were released at the Addison-Evans water treatment plant in order to streamline the process during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We owe a note of gratitude to the Chesterfield County Utilities Department for following through on their commitment to the residents around the reservoir to add carp this spring while they continue to supply high quality drinking water under difficult conditions.

    We will continue to update you when important information becomes available and when public meetings are planned.

    The Reservoir Hydrilla Management Group

    John Cooling, Tony Giordano, George Hayes, Tom Hoekstra

    Steve Menninger

  • 16 Apr 2018 10:13 AM | Anonymous

    The Greater Richmond Sailing Association would like to welcome our newest members. A New Membership Orientation was held Friday, April 6th at the Pavilion. New members were welcomed by GRSA leadership and members during a networking reception before going over the GRSA Site Rules. New members were also introduced to their mentor (current GRSA members who will help guide the new members and their families through their first year.  The following photo of new members (in attendance) and their families was taken during the evening.

  • 27 Sep 2017 9:43 AM | Anonymous

    The race results for the Labor Day Regatta and the Swift Creek Cup have been posted to the GRSA Website under Racing and the Race Results.

  • 29 Mar 2017 9:43 AM | Anonymous

    A Look Back at GRSA’s 2017 Chili Cook-off

    Weather was clear, yet the wind was blustery, and the temperatures were down into the 40’s.  The last race of the Frostbite was canceled due to the excessive winds of this winter season, however the Chili cook-off got the social season off to a resounding start. 

    There were 12 outstanding, stupendous, flavorful, hot, medium, and mild Chilies to sample.  There was a flavor for every pallet! 

    The winner was Marty Cookson, receiving a $50.00 gift certificate to the Grill at Waterford.  Congratulations to Marty!

    Thank You for coming out and taste testing our Club’s master chief delights.        

    Cameron Richards – Social Chairperson

  • 21 Feb 2017 4:48 PM | Anonymous

    The GRSA Board of Directors are proposing the following amendment to the Membership section of the GRSA By-Laws. The proposed change is highlighted. The Board will vote on the amendment at the next Board meeting, Monday, March 13.

    Article IV Membership

    Section 11

    "Membership shall be limited to those persons who own a sailboat to be used upon the waters of the Swift Creek Reservoir (SCR), with the exception of the Social members as noted in section 13.  Individuals making application for membership must clearly indicate their intentions and purpose for wishing to have membership in the Association upon their application.  Persons who are granted membership contingent upon purchasing a sailboat suitable for use on the SCR shall have until December 31st of the year they are offered membership to acquire such a craft.  If they have not acquired a craft by December 31st, their membership automatically terminates.  No other non-sailing watercraft may be stored or used at the GRSA site by such members who are admitted under this article until compliance is proven to the satisfaction of theBoard or with Board approval.  Failure to comply with this article will cause the possible denial of membership renewal."

    GRSA Board of Directors

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