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14 Oct 2021 5:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Fellow GRSA Members,

The GRSA Board of Directors has unanimously voted to adopt an amendment to the club’s site rules.  This amendment relates to the upkeep of members’ boats, trailers, parking spaces, and associated equipment, and will go into effect January 1, 2022.  It does not change the current site rules but adds to them.  Please take a few minutes and become familiar with the amendment below.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Chris Cookson

GRSA Commodore


Boat Dry Dock (Dock) Parking


Greater Richmond Sailing Association, Inc. (the “Association” or “GRSA”) owns and operates a variety of common areas within the facility grounds, including shelter, playground, boat slips, boat on trailer parking docks, (collectively “Common Areas”).

The Association has previously promulgated rules pertaining to boating and watercraft in the GRSA Common Areas.

This Rule is designed to promote the safe and efficient operation of all Common Areas.

While the Association’s operation of the Common Areas is intended to facilitate recreation, safety, and fairness, the GRSA endeavors to operate its Common Areas consistent with Virginia law and the governing documents of the GRSA, including, but not limited to, the By-Laws.

As such, GRSA has adopted this Rule to express its desire that Members and other individuals respect the limited availability of space In the Common Areas, and the need for Members to maintain their property in the Boat Dry Dock Parking spot (Dock) and pay all required fees associated with their use of the same.

In most cases, Members who are in good standing are allowed a boat parking spot within the Common Areas are assigned spaces for dry docking their watercraft

Members are also expected to complete all required documentation and pay all required fees before using the Common Areas for the purpose of using and/or storing their watercraft.


1. All boats on GRSA property must be seaworthy, shipshape, and trailer roadworthy.

a . "Seaworthy" means capable of being launched and operated on Swift Creek Reservoir without more than the reasonable and customary preparatory tasks:

rigging sails, installing drain plugs, proper safety equipment, and the like.

b. Owners may perform boat maintenance on GRSA grounds with the following provisos: maintenance tasks may not infringe on common areas for extended periods of time; projects requiring more than one day for completion shall be left neat, with all tools and materials stowed, whenever the owner leaves the Club grounds; the Club reserves the right to notify owners that a project must be completed or the boat removed from Club property within one week's time.

c. "Shipshape" means (by way of example and not of limitation):

covers and tarpaulins clean, without holes, and fastened down; paint clean and tight and free of mold; lines stowed or tied off; leaves and other debris removed; drains open; free of water, trash, etc.

d. The term “watercraft”(boat) is intended to include all manner of vessels, including sailboats, rowboats, canoes, paddle boats, windsurfers, kayaks, inflatable boats, paddle boards, and any other allowed to be stored within the GRSA Common Areas.

e. All boats must have the annual GRSA registration number (decal) affixed at the proper location.

2. All trailers must be roadworthy. "Roadworthy" means: tires inflated and in good repair, bearings unseized, sound frame, working hitch, a tongue jack and wheel for rigs too heavy to move by hand. 

2. a. loose equipment (see 2a(i) must be in good repair and have the owner's identification permanently affixed.

i. trailer dollies, spars, rudder, daggerboard, paddles, sails,

3. Parking spaces will be assigned by the GRSA Facilities Committee. No more than one boat may be kept in a space. Owners are responsible for keeping their boat within the assigned space. Owners are responsible for controlling vegetation under or around boats.

4. The Board may appoint a ‘Compliance” official as it deems advisable to enforce Rules.

a. An Owner / Member given written notice of a violation shall correct the conditions cited or remove the boat, trailer, or equipment from GRSA grounds within the time stated in such notice.

i. 1st Notice 30 days to be in compliance – Member will be contacted:

            1. phone call or voice mail, and

            2. e-mail, and

            3. regular USPS mail

ii. 2nd Notice 30 days after 4.a.i – if not in compliance Member will be contacted:

            1. phone call or voice mail, and

            2. e-mail, and

            3. regular USPS mail

iii. Final Notice 30 days after 4.a.ii – if not in compliance: Member will be contacted:       

  • 1.      A USPS Certified Letter will be sent to notify of non-compliance
  • 2.      Boat may be moved to the inactive parking area of GRSA and if issues not subsequently corrected may be removed from the site.
  • 3.      Member will be billed $100 monthly storage fee, retroactive to the date of contact of 1st Notice.

5. Members and their guests should not park in a boat parking place assigned to another member.

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